Committee Members

Committee Membership

Committee Members include:

  • 8 social sector service providers broadly representing the sector, and recommended by the Revelstoke Social Development Committee
  • 3 business sector representatives from Revelstoke Community Futures, Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce and Revelstoke Credit Union
  • 2 community citizens selected from the community at large
  • 1 City Councilor

Committee members must have the following abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability to positively contribute and participate in community processes with people having a range of perspectives;
  • Willingness to work within the approved terms of reference for a City Commission/ Committee;
  • Commitment to attend at least 50% of meetings each year;
  • Social sector providers will have the ability to link the Committee to other social sector providers and/or collaborative groups to ensure the flow of information;
  • Social sector representatives will be selected by the sector by putting their names forward on the understanding that they are able to commit to participating fully in the committee work. Citizens interested in being appointed to the Committee shall be solicited by the City through public notices and newspaper advertisements.

Committee members will serve for a two year term. Upon expiry of their term members may step down or put their name forward again along with new applicants for membership. New applicants contact City Administration at

Chairperson: The Chairperson will be chosen by the committee members, by a simple election, and serves for 2 years. A Vice Chair will also be chosen to work closely with the Chair, conduct the meetings in the absence of the Chair and take on other tasks as mutually agreed.

Filling vacancies: A vacancy arising for any reason may be filled by the processes outlined for membership above.

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