Philosophy & Objectives

Our Philosophy

We believe that:

  1. Social planning and understanding of the social needs of community members needs to become a Revelstoke priority.
  2. The City of Revelstoke and community members have the desire to deliver effective supports and services to its citizens.
  3. The provincial and federal governments and other funders need to receive input on how services are delivered and how they ought to be delivered in Revelstoke.
  4. Collaboration and coordination of services will benefit the community and service providers.
  5. We believe the most effective collaboration occurs in the context of positive, trusting relationships. Relationship-building, therefore, is an important activity within and of the committee. We adhere to the principle of open and honest communication, and to the degree possible, inclusion of those affected in the process.
  6. All people have the right to be treated with dignity, including, clients, community members, colleagues, fellow committee members, representatives of organizations, institutions and government. We believe that honoring individual and group diversity promotes respect and dignity.
  7. We believe that this community’s strengths and needs are best known and addressed by people and organizations rooted in the community. Individual strengths and knowledge provide a foundation for growth and increasing capacity.

Our Objectives

To facilitate proactive planning for positive social change by:

  1. Facilitating communication and collaboration amongst community organizations to support them to work together on community social challenges and opportunities;
  2. Supporting action on high priority projects identified in the Community Development Action Plan;
  3. Identifying new social challenges and opportunities in the community and identify ways to meet these challenges and access these opportunities;
  4. Providing the City of Revelstoke with information and recommendations on community social challenges and priorities;
  5. Communicating social issues and information within the community and externally; and,
  6. Maintaining and updating the social aspects of the Community Development Action Plan.

These objectives could be achieved through, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • Raising awareness and understanding about social challenges and successes in Revelstoke within the municipal government and broadly in the community
  • Enhancing knowledge about the roles and programs of service providers within the social sector and broadly in the community
  • Generating discussion to identify causes of social issues
  • Using asset-based community development approaches to create solutions
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for co-ordination of services to decrease competition, overlap and gaps in services
  • Acting as an advisory body to which the City may refer questions, reports, and requests for support related to social topics
  • Advising the City on actions the municipality could take to address social issues, including advice to City staff working on social issues
  • Annually reviewing and updating the social aspects of the Community Development Action Plan, including identifying priorities, and provide input on other aspects of the Plan
  • Sharing information about funding opportunities and approaches to access funding for the community
  • Providing educational opportunities for community members, social service clients and service providers to increase skills, knowledge and awareness on various aspects of social planning

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