Apr 132013

Poverty Reduction

Our Financial Literacy Project is complete – check out our website!

Click here to dowload the Revelstoke Poverty Reduction Strategy.  Find out about the true cost of living in Revelstoke, how poverty impacts the local economy, and what we can do about it.

Implementation of the strategy is a top priority.  As of September 2013, a local Poverty Reduction working Group has been struck.  Click here to view the top priorities and action plan. Check out what we have done so far.

In the fall of 2014, the Revelstoke Times Review published a series of articles on poverty reduction, each linked to a community goal in our strategy. Read them here:

Sharing Information     Access to Resources    Income Security     Life Long Learning    Early Childhood Development     Low Cost Transportation    Food Security               Affordable Housing      Social Inclusion

Click here to read about the latest Living Wage update for Revelstoke & Area. UBCO Research Project complete – Analysis of a Living Wage for Revelstoke BC: Economic Impact Assessment Report.

City of Revelstoke endorses national Poverty Reduction Charter.

Revy Vibes video showcases what makes Revelstoke a ‘vibrant community’.


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