Jul 242019

Poverty Reduction

In 2012, we produced the Revelstoke Poverty Reduction Strategy –  a detailed analysis of the true cost of living in Revelstoke, how poverty impacts the local economy, and what we could do about it. In September 2013, we produced an Action Plan and a local Poverty Reduction Working Group was struck. For the past number of years, implementation of the strategy has been a top priority.    Check out our project summary (to Feb 2020).

In June 2019, the working group voted unanimously to spearhead and transition to ‘Vibrant Revelstoke – Affordability for All’ – a Collective Impact Initiative that will expand and deepen the work (see above).

Past working group projects included:

In the spring of 2014, Revelstoke City Council endorsed the national Poverty Reduction Charter. In the fall of 2014, the Revelstoke Times Review published a series of articles on poverty reduction, each linked to a community goal in our strategy.

Measuring poverty is critical to moving forward. The State of Poverty in Revelstoke Report was completed in February 2018 in partnership with the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute.

Our Financial Literacy project developed many resources – check out our website!

In order to keep tabs on the local cost of living, we’ve been calculating Revelstoke’s ‘living wage’ for years. A UBCO Research Project completed in 2016 gave us an Analysis of a Living Wage for Revelstoke BC: Economic Impact Assessment Report.  In 2019, we updated our calculations to $18.90/hr.

Revy Vibes video showcases what makes Revelstoke a ‘vibrant community’.

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