Apr 132013

Revelstoke Community Social Development Committee

This is a committee of the City Council of Revelstoke. It is comprised of community social sector professionals, business representatives, community members and a City Council rep. We’ve been busy! Click here for a complete list of Social Development Committee activities and projects (2008 – present). Click here for the Revelstoke Development News. Or check out our “Infographic” to see how it all connects! See here for new social priorities.

The committee will contribute to achieving the Community Vision by supporting all citizens through a responsible and caring social system. An annual Work Plan is developed to guide the committee on priority actions.

The committee has extended the Social Development Coordinator contract with Jill Zacharias for a fourth year term July 15, 2011 – 2012 to assist the Committee in achieving its objectives.

The Community Economic Development department of the City of Revelstoke provides administrative support for the committee’s work.


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