Jul 242019

Vibrant Revelstoke – Affordability for All

While there are many opportunities in Revelstoke, affordability issues are impacting an increasing number of residents. To tackle this complex challenge, in 2019 we launched a Collective Impact initiative, building on Revelstoke’s strong history of collaboration. Want to get involved? Sign up to receive email updates or join one of our action teams! What did we talk about? Read the report.

The path to change is not about working harder or getting more funding – it’s about shifting our paradigms and approach to building a movement for deep and long-lasting community change.

Revelstoke’s Collective Impact process is being guided by the Tamarack Institute.  The concept of collective impact hinges on the idea that in order for organizations to create lasting solutions to social problems on a large-scale, they need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal.

In June 2019, we brought together over 80 people – from business, non-profit, government, and people with living experience – to begin a deep conversation & brainstorm solutions. Action Teams were formed, dedicated to working on the most important social and economic issues in our community. If  you are passionate about an issue and would like to get involved, contact our Action Team Leads:

A “Listening Team” will gather real life stories that will help inform the work and spread the word to the community at large. A “Leadership Team” will guide the process.

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Leadership Team Agendas: July 2019

Leadership Team Minutes: July 2019

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